In the Spotlight

Jie Chen, Ph.D. 2008

Dr. Jie Chen and his new bride, Yumei Zheng, who were married this summer.

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  eople with whom I have worked, both past and present.

Enjoying lunch at the Indian Garden just before Christmas Break 2008.

Current Group Members:

Saikat Basu, Graduate Assistant

Research: Point vortex modeling of 2P mode wakes


Souvick Chatterjee, Graduate Assistant

Research: Modeling internal insect flows


Mohsen Gheisarieha, Graduate Assistant

M.S. 2007 Applied Mechanics, Sharif University of Technology

Research: Topological chaos and fluid mixing


Pankaj Kumar, Graduate Assistant

M.S. 2006 Mechanical Engineering, Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale

Research: Chaos and mixing in laminar flow


Alireza Salmanzadeh, Graduate Assistant

M.S. 2007 Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Research: Insect-inspired MEMS devices


Former Group Members:

If any of the information listed below is out of date, please let me know!

Bryan Abbamonte, Undergraduate Research Assistant at VT 2009

Research: Chaotic dynamics of falling disks

Current Position: Thermal Engineer at Lockheed Martin in Greenbelt, MD

Stephen Biederman, Undergraduate Research Assistant at VT 2008

Research: Stirring experiments in a viscous fluid

J. Alec Calhoun, Undergraduate Research Assistant at VT 2006-2008

Research: Stirring a viscous fluid; Vortex wakes

Current Position: Associate Engineer at Caterpillar

Joseph Callahan, Undergraduate Research Assistant at VT 2008-2009

Research: Ghost rods in counter-rotating vortex flows

George Chamoun, Postdoctoral Research Associate at VT 2008-09

Research: Reduced order modeling of vortex-dominated flows

Current Position: Postdoc in mathematics at DTU

Jie Chen, Ph.D. 2008 Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech

Thesis: Topological chaos and mixing in lid-driven cavities and rectangular channels

Current Position: Postdoc in mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech

Xuemei Chen, Postdoctoral Research Associate at VT 2008-09

Research: Glass extrusion processing and non-Newtonian fluid mixing

Baratunde A. Cola, M.S. 2004 Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt

Thesis: Optimization of a Pulsed Source-Sink Microscale Mixing Device

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech

Sebastian J. Eluvathingal, M.S. 2005 Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt


Current Position: Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M

Narcisse A. N'Dri, Postdoctoral Research Associate at VU 2005-2006

Research: Computational modeling of BioMEMS

Current Position: CFD Application Engineer at SEZ Austria

Carrie Kerna Reinholtz, M.S. 2006 Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt

Thesis: Experimental Analysis of Lid-Driven Cavity Flow with Split Boundaries

Current Position: Engineer at Arnold Engineering Development Center

Debasish Roy, Visiting Scholar at VT 2007

Research: Bluff body wakes

Current Position: Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University

Kellen Shain, Undergraduate Research Assistant at VT 2008-09

Research: Stirring viscous fluids

Current Position: Graduate student in ESM at Virginia Tech

Zhijun 'Steven' Yu, M.S. 2002 Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt

Thesis: Cell-Based Nanophysiometer Microfluidic Modeling

Current Position: Sourcing and After Sales Manager at MacGregor Group