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  • Gary Nave | Engineering Mechanics/MultiSTEPS NSF IGERT | PhD student, started 2013
  • (co-advised with Mark Stremler, BEAM)

    Research Interests:
    Geometric methods in fluid dynamics
    Fluid-structure interaction

  • Isaac Yeaton | Mechanical Engineering/MultiSTEPS NSF IGERT | (website) | PhD student, started 2013
  • (co-advised with Jake Socha, BEAM)

    Research Interests:
    Gliding mechanics of flying snakes
    Landing mechanics of flying snakes
    Dynamical systems analysis
    Motion analysis of biological systems

  • Kristen Tetreault | Engineering Mechanics | PhD student, started 2015
  • (co-advised with Jonathan Black, AOE)

    Research Interests:
    Space situational awareness
    Dynamics around asteroid pairs
    Space mission design

  • Peter Nolan | Engineering Mechanics | PhD student, started 2015

  • Research Interests:
    Lagrangian coherent structures
    atmospheric dynamics
    reduced order modeling
    spread of hazards

  • Jun Zhong | Engineering Mechanics | PhD student, started 2015

  • Research Interests:
    Structural mechanics and stability
    dynamic buckling

  • Nathaniel Hall | Mathematics | pursuing Engineering Mechanics MS through accelerated program

  • Research Interests:
    Autorotating seed simulation, charazterization, fabrication, and testing
    Team Samara


  • Thomas Magelinski | (website) | BS 2017, Engineering Science and Mechanics | currently, grad student at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Research Interests:
    Airdrop simulation and visualization, GIS, turbulence

    Thomas Magelinski is the 2016-2017 BEAM Outstanding Senior

  • Shibabrat Naik | (website) | PhD 2016, Engineering Mechanics | currently, postdoc at University of Pennsylvania
  • Research Interests:
    Lobe dynamics and transport in heteroclinic tangles
    Partial control
    Geometric theory of escape and transition
    LCS in 3-dimensional flows

  • Renee Pietsch | PhD 2016, Biology/MultiSTEPS NSF IGERT | currently, working at Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • (co-advised with David Schmale, PPWS)

    Research Interests:
    Aerosolization of Pseudomonas syringae from aquatic environments
    Principles of Flight in Biological Systems (youtube lesson)

  • Nick Sharp | (website) | BS 2015, Engineering Science and Mechanics | currently, grad student, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
  • Research Interests:
    Computational physics and the development of numerical techniques for new systems
    Optimal control via front propagation methods

  • Amir BozorgMagham | (website) | PhD 2014, Engineering Mechanics | currently, postdoc, University of Maryland
  • (co-advised with David Schmale, PPWS)

    Research Interests:
    Stochastic Lagrangian Coherent Structures
    Chaotic Particle Transport in Time Varying Geophysical Flows

    Atmospheric Lagrangian transport structures and their applications to aerobiology

  • Sam Raben | (website) | PhD 2013, Mechanical Engineering | currently, mechanical engineer at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • (co-advised with Pavlos Vlachos, ME)

    Research Interests:
    Particle Image Velocimetry from Experiments
    Lagrangian Coherent Structures derived from PIV

    Determination of Three Dimensional Time Varying Flow Structures

  • Binbin Lin | PhD 2013 | Research Associate at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center of the University of Tennessee.
  • (co-advised with David Schmale, PPWS)

    Research Interests:
    The association of atmospheric transport barriers and the population structure of fungi in the genus Fusarium

    Movement and Structure of Atmospheric Populations of Fusarium

  • Aaron J. Prussin | PhD 2013 | Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, Microbiology of the Built Environment, Virginia Tech/Pittsburgh
  • (co-advised with David Schmale, PPWS)

    Research Interests:
    Spread of bacteria and viruses at daycare centers
    Predicting the Transport and Deposition of Fusarium graminearum, Causal Agent of Fusarium Head Blight

    Monitoring and Predicting the Long Distance Transport of Fusarium graminearum, Causal Agent of Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat and Barley

  • Tobias Dirksen | visiting masters student from Technical Univ. Denmark (DTU) | MS 2012 | Naval architect at Propulsion Dynamics
  • (co-advised with Hassan Aref, Mark Stremler, Virginia Tech (ESM), and Tomas Bohr, DTU (Physics))

    Research Interests:
    Close pairs of relative equilibria for identical point vortices

    Numerical computations of relative equilibria of identical vortices on the plane and on the sphere

  • Phanindra Tallapragada | (website) | PhD 2010 | assistant professor at Clemson University in mechanical engineering
  • Research Interests:
    Lagrangian coherent structures in fluid and biomechanical systems

    Identifying dynamical boundaries and phase space transport using Lagrangian coherent structures

  • Carmine Senatore | (website) | PhD 2010 | Research Scientist in the MIT Robotic Mobility Group
  • Research Interests:
    Dynamical systems theory, Optimal control
    Optimized trajectory, Efficient navigation
    Transport and mixing, Enviromental flow analysis
    Off road vehicles fuel efficiency
    Tire dynamics

    Prediction of mobility, handling, and tractive efficiency of wheeled off-road vehicles

  • Piyush Grover | (website) | PhD 2010 | Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electronic Research Lab
  • Research Interests:
    -Nonlinear dynamical systems theory, phase space transport and computational methods in dynamical systems.
    -Geometrical methods in mechanics and control.

    Finding And Exploiting Structure In Complex Systems Via Geometric And Statistical Methods

  • Jeff Twigg | (website) | MS 2009 | Research Engineer at Army Research Laboratory

  • Research Interests:
    Ground robots with collaborative autonomy
    Computational and Information Sciences
    Leaderless Formation Control
    Communication Error
    Mechanical properties of insect trachael tubes

    Formation Fidelity of Simulated Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles through Periodic Communication

  • Martin Tanaka | (website) | PhD 2008 | assistant professor at Western Carolina University
  • Research Interests:
    Biodynamic stability and human movement
    Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamic systems
    Experimental analysis of human movement and low back pain
    Rehabilitation engineering and assistive medical devices
    Product innovation, design, development, manufacturing, and launch

    Biodynamic Analysis of Human Torso Stability using Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents